Friday Five – Ready for 2019?

Friday Five Ready for 2019

It is hard to believe that the new year is about to look right at us. Some in sales roles are pleased they hit quota this year and others (more than 57%) presumably did NOT make quota this year. No matter which camp you are in, January 1 brings a new quarter for all and a new year for most.

Here are three tips, a quote, and a resource to help you move forward into 2019 boldly:

TIP #1: Create 3 personal and 3 professional goals for 2019. Make them specific and clear. Write them down. Have an end date, or a “must be done by date.”

TIP #2: Have a system in place to track them, and rewards for when you attain each one. Share your goals with those around you. If you are a sales manager, you are modeling the behavior we’d hope your sales reps would also do with goals.

TIP #3: Block time in your calendar every week for your goals, and for any “big rocks” – those items that are important for you to accomplish.

Quote: “In sales, time wasted or not spent wisely is gone forever. It’s the one thing you never get back.” – Lori Richardson

Resource: Charlie Gilkey and Productive Flourishing have great resources for building daily momentum. I am a fan of their Daily Momentum Planner.

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