Friday Five - Attitude for Success

Attitude for Success

Positive and negative information is handled in different parts of our brains. Anything with a negative emotion tends to involve more thinking and this information is processed more heavily in our brain than positives.

A negative outlook will damage your success in sales!

Five ideas about this today.

1) Write it Out
Make a list of phrases you hear reps say that are negative and just keep building that list until the next sales meeting, or until a point in the day you can share it, along with other phrases to say instead which are more positive.

Example: “We have a long sales cycle”

What if instead, you said, “When I move through the steps of our sales cycle the right way, it shortens it”

2) Pause for appreciation
Maybe you didn’t close a deal today, or your team didn’t hit their activity numbers as planned, but something did go well – what was it? Take a moment to appreciate the positives.

3) Reach out to a Referrer
Thank someone who has sent you a prospect in the past – call them up, ask them how you can be of service to them, and thank them for past referrals.

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4) Quote:
You cannot tailor make the situations in life but you can tailor make the attitudes to fit those situations – Zig Ziglar

5) Action
Drop a line or comment on LinkedIn what YOU do to get your attitude back to where it needs to be for success in either sales or sales leadership.

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