Desire vs Commitment

desire vs commitmentHow dedicated are you to your own success in sales leadership or in your sales role? Do you know the difference between the “desire” to be successful and “commitment” to be successful?

When I was in my mid 20’s I had the desire to buy a house. It was a strong desire because I was a single parent – the head of my household – and wanted MY home rather than this apartment or that living situation. I wanted my family to feel stable and have a sense of where “home” really is.

Not only was my desire strong, but so was my commitment. I saved every dollar I could toward my first home purchase. I found pictures of what I wanted my house to be like – to look like. I knew that buying a home would help me feel more accomplished – especially since I was young and felt like I was looked at as less than successful.

You could say I was really driven and motivated to succeed at this cause.

Not only did I sock money away, but I aligned with others who could help me. A particular bank president gave me confidence that I could do this, and helped me maneuver through the ropes of a first home deal.

Despite being young, despite being a single parent, despite being paid heavily on a commission basis, despite not having a stellar credit history – I FOUND A WAY to make it happen. There was great pride in my heart the day I was handed the keys to my family’s new home – and it was the start of a great future.

Desire is the want. I want _______ (name what it is you’re trying to accomplish).

Without Commitment You’ll Never Attain Your Goals

Commitment is the key to making things happen. I have to be willing to do WHATEVER it takes to accomplish my desire.  Are you committing today to do what it takes for you to succeed in sales?

Sales success researcher and visionary Dave Kurlan, founder of Objective Management Group says this about commitment:  

When we see salespeople who are struggling, failing to achieve and not adapting and changing, they often lack the commitment necessary for sales success. There are other reasons too, but commitment is usually right there.

Make a Vision Board

It sounds like an art project but it isn’t. Find a photo of the car you are buying next – or that home you are going to purchase, or you with your diploma (for the loans you are paying off each month). These images that you look at every day – multiple times a day – inspire you to take action. If they don’t, then you are not aligned with your goal or are not committed for some reason.

Put those images of what YOU want your life to be like IN YOUR FACE and see them as you go about your day. I promise you that if you do, your realities will come to fruition.

There are a number of great quotes to post at your desk about desire and commitment.

• Commitment MOVES you to action

• Talk is CHEAP

• Actions SPEAK louder than words

What will you DO today to make YOUR dreams come true? Your career in sales can make it happen.

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