Are You Ready For A New Sales Year

Ready For A New Sales YearAt the end of the year each year I make time to reflect on what was successful and what didn’t work in our business development.

I do this because just like you – sales leader or sales rep – we prospect every week.

It is so easy to get distracted that over time I’ve found some ways to help keep my focus. It is because of that (and a few other critical items) that we head into our 14th year of business next year.

What I Think About at This Time and Encourage You to Do:

1) Make a few lists. They are easy and will help you visualize your year in review.

2) Look at data. Any reports you can pull that show aspects of your sales activity is critical.

3) Think about gaps – what did you miss by a mile? What turned out to be a smaller gap than predicted?


Create 3 lists to start your year off after the holidays:

List of top 25 clients – what have you done with them and what is there to do

List of top 25 prospects – what logos do you want to be associated with next year that are “more probable” than “less probable” to work with?

List of top 25 strategic referrers – who can refer you over and over? Why don’t you have them on a list?

List of Biggest Time Wasters – what 2 or 3 activities yielded the least results?

List of Big Rocks for Next Year – What 2 or 3 main things will you accomplish next year?

Declare it – share it  - and make it happen.

Start with these lists and watch next week for the rest of the plan to grow revenues bigger than you thought you could next year.

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