Amy Cuddy Speaks on Presence

Amy Cuddy QuoteMost everyone has heard about power posing now – largely due to social psychologist and TED talk star Amy Cuddy’s famous TED talk. This talk, Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are has been viewed almost 8 million times. 8 million!

If you have NOT seen it, please take 21 minutes to do that soon. It is a MUST see if you are in sales or sales leadership – or any position in business (or life).

It was with pleasure that I saw Amy speak live this week in the Boston area. Amy has a new book called, Presence – Bringing your BOLDEST SELF to your BIGGEST CHALLENGES.

What I love about Amy’s TED talk and the talk I saw this week was that she offers great sound bites – fantastic takeaways.  She makes it easy to remember specifics about her research.

The biggest takeaway I learned from her is this:

Change your posture for 2 minutes – change the results of your interactions because of it.

In sales, this is a HUGE hack for your success.

How you sit when you call or email buyers and clients can affect your outcome. It may cause you to want to have a standing desk – a great option for sellers if you can make that happen in your work environment.

Also for new sellers, I used to always say, “fake it till you make it” because I have believed for years what Cuddy’s research has found to be true, except she has worded it much more elegantly.

Amy Cuddy’s research says, “Fake it till you BECOME it.”

Wow. Powerful. Think a certain way, and have your body be congruent to those thoughts, and you CAN change outcomes.

That means more and better quality conversations with decision makers and those who can refer you.

All from sitting up – not slouching – feeling powerful.

I’ll be writing more about this important research and Cuddy’s new book so keep an eye out for more on the topic, and in the meantime, try a power pose before that next difficult conversation – and let us know how it goes.

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