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tip to increase salesIf you could do just ONE thing to grow your sales opportunities today, what would that be? I’d say that it depends who you are and what point you are at in your sales career. Regardless of your situation, here is the answer: 

"It Depends"

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If you are a veteran sales rep and stuck in a rut, the one tip for you is to GET INSPIRED.

If you are a new seller and don’t have confidence about what you’re doing, the one tip for you is to LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR BUYERS. Once you are SURE you know your buyers, simply have business conversations with them and you’ll uncover sales opportunities.

If your sales funnel looks more like a cylinder, the one tip for you is to GET BUSY and IDENTIFY MORE SALES OPPORTUNITIES.

If you are a sales leader and feel like a babysitter rather than an inspirational figure for your team, the one tip for you is to UNDERSTAND YOUR REPS better so that you can help them where they need it. Good leaders serve their team. Are you a servant leader? If not, the other tip for you is to learn about that. It will change how you relate to everyone – on your team, with buyers, and the world at large.

If you are a seller and don’t like coming into work because you don’t believe in the product or service that you sell, then the one tip for you is to GET A NEW POSITION. More than anything, you must believe in what you do. If you don’t, move on. Find something you can get behind, champion, and evangelize.

In the beginning I said that your one tip for today DEPENDS on who you are and where you are. Don’t let others tell you what you need – we all are at different points and need different things.

Perhaps there IS one tip for everyone today:

"take a moment to reflect, and determine what YOU need to do next"

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