What A Sales Coach Does

People ask me regularly what exactly a sales coach does - and it happened again this week so thought I'd pass my thoughts along on this -

I work with companies and corporations so others may work from a different perspective. This is the corporate sales coach overview:
Experienced salespeople know that top sales performance is the result of practicing the basics on a regular basis. Sales coaching offers you the opportunity to reinforce, strengthen, create and maintain great sales habits, which will take you to the top of your field.
Reinforcement and repetition, which is what I work with people on, offers the chance to practice and perfect your skills such that they become second nature.
Who was it that said that it isn't practice that makes perfect, but perfect practice that makes perfect.

People hire sales coaches for several different reasons -
Sales are down or flat
The business is changing - competition has increased
The team has little process and does not have activity goals - just a quota
Skills for the business are strong, but sales skills are not strong
Compensation plans need reworking
Any revenue generation issues

In the past, I've mentioned before great parallels between athletes and top sales professionals. Both have coaches.

I've not been able to coach others and not work with a coach or coaches myself. Currently, I have a sales coach, a business coach, and a blog coach. I'm looking for someone to coach me on working with venture capitalists.

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