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One of my favorite companies, - XPLANE, The Visual Thinking Company - has a business blog. I was unaware of it before. XPLANE has, for several years, published drawings and diagrams in Selling Power Magazine (as well as consulting to lots of companies from what I've seen on their website) to visually illustrate a process. As a visual learner, I've always been drawn to these. When I saw the picture of their "Vice President of No" - I knew these folks were ones to keep checking in with. Great humor, great ideas, and they fill a gap in the business world. I don't know them, but love what they do, and how they do it.

A local company here in the NW that does some great visuals to help businesses map out their process and thinking is Ravenfire -- and I have had the privilege of meeting them. We're talking about collaborating in some interesting ways....

We’ve got even more coming

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