Top Ten Blind Spots of Executives

This was an interesting find from BRW Magazine in Australia about Knowing Yourself.

It discusses executive coaching and the blind spots that are most common with executives. See if any of these top ten resonate.....


1 Avoidance: not confronting issues that need to be dealt with.

2 Being a spectator, rather than taking responsibility.

3 Being too emotional or not showing enough emotion. Both can affect your ability to influence and inspire trust, accountability and staff engagement.

4 Being a compulsive talker.

5 Not communicating enough.

6 Being a poor listener.

7 Listening too much rather than taking action.

8 Being too nice, too soft or too patient.

9 Being too tough, too aggressive or too impatient.

10 Putting up a front, a management veneer that blocks trust.

Whether you can relate to the points above, or you interact with executives with some of these characteristics - in your own organization or your clients' - it is good to understand that these can be modified and changed - and like everything else, identifying this is 90% of the answer.  Do you know your blind spots?