To Sell More, Ask For Help

It's August 1st - amazing how time flies, isn't it? All those summer plans now become either scheduled on the calendar or will blur into the Fall.

Now is the time to ask for help.

Have you thought of a new sales strategy to implement but haven't executed? Think of why you haven't, and find someone to help you get it done. I don't care if you outsource, find a mentor, a student - just sit down and figure out a way to make it happen - or move on to something else.

Most businesses don't have a website that reflects them well or helps with supporting their sales. Take August to re-brand, or improve your image on the web, in mailings, or in collateral that you take to networking events. Don't know where to start? Ask for help.

Ah... networking. August is a down-time, so this is a great opportunity to do research on what events to attend in the Fall where you will find your bet fit prospects for your business. There is no need to attend anything involving networking - only those events that make sense. If you have trouble with this idea, ask for help. If you do not want to attend a new venue or group on your own, ask someone to join you - especially if it is a prospective customer or newer alliance partner. These folks have the same qualms. Just ask for help.

Ask for five things this week - be clear and concise on what you want and how it will look. Trust me, you will find there are amazing results. In this world of instant gratification and little delegation or help - help is nice, welcome, and gives you new found energy. Try it!