Time Off From Selling

Down time is important when you put your "all" into selling your products and services. When you lead with passion and energy, you also need to rejuvinate and renew.

I'm doing that right now, blogging from charming Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Time to refresh, or as a former tech colleague of mine use to say, "reboot".

Take time to get away from the selling and the business you are involved with. Last night, at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, I was able to do just that. Focus on something creative, interesting, and different - which gives me great new ideas and propels me forward into what lies beyond.

What are you doing these August days to gain a fresh new advantage?

Selling is so much more than offering a product or a service for a price - it is creative, mental, and at times emotional (especially since most of us buy emotionally, the best sales professionals get us involved that way as well.

So take time to breathe - look around - see what is new. Post your thoughts on how this alters your perspective, or not.