Thinking LIke Leonardo daVinci

In an online course discussing the book, "How To Think Like Leonardo daVinci" (which is free to sign up for on the HP Learning Center )- one of the lessons is on curiosity, specifically:

What fascinates you? (P.S. - this DIRECTLY relates to excelling at selling............)

Instructor Suzanne Sandage writes:

You're born curious, but by the time you've finished your schooling, your curiosity has been blunted, having taken on too many "shoulds" and "oughts." Let Leonardo da Vinci be your model for life-long learning. Leonardo never stopped being interested in, and fascinated by, the woInrld around him, and he never bothered with what anyone thought he should do: he let his curiosity lead him.

Leonardo called it Passione - here's an assignment from the class:

Start a journal.
Life happens in the moment. Unless you take the time to record some of these moments, you'll lose your genius-quality inspirations and ideas. Make the most of your life by recording your experiences.

Taking a few minutes to journal as you go through your busy day has these benefits:

It sharpens your mental focus.
It wakes up your subconscious mind and right brain so that you're using "whole-brain" thinking (more on this in Lesson 6 on Arte/Scienza). Writing and drawing will stimulate your subconscious so that it sends you a stream of ideas on how to do things better and faster.
It gets you in the habit of recording ideas when they come to you (sudden inspirations are like dreams; they fade quickly unless you write them down).
It reduces stress.
It allows you to both plan and review your days more effectively.

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