Social Capital and Networking

I've talked about it before, but a few words at a local Chamber event on Social Networking prompted the following resources below, and outline of what the actual proficiencies for social capital (connecting with others in meaningful ways) are (per the CoachVille community for Social Capital and Networking). See what you think:

16 Proficiencies
of Social Capital and Networking

Level One Proficiencies

1.       Invest in Building Long Term Relationships

2.       Create and Add Value in All Interactions

3.       Become a Connector

4.       Develop a Networking Master Strategy

5.       Regularly Practice the "Law of Reciprocity"

6.       Map Out Your Networks

7.       Assess Group Dynamics for Maximum Participation

8.       Develop Variety in the Types of Relationships and Networking Venues

Level Two Proficiencies

1.       Consistently Follow Up and Connect With Your Network

2.       Position Yourself As A Resource

3.       Build Bridges Between Diverse Groups and Networks

4.       Actively Build Strong Contact Networks

5.       Constantly Innovate Through Collaboration

6.       Create Strategic Alliances to Leverage Opportunities

7.       Determine the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Networks

8.       Honor The Event

B. More Social Capital information and resources:

There are a number of resources on social capital, a topic that tackles the value of interaction with others (it goes beyond networking).

For starters, check out Social Capital and Networking Community at CoachVille:  This is a FREE community to join, and I don’t get an affiliate fee or credit of any type to send you there, but it is a great place to learn more AND sign up for classes if you choose to (there are free as well as fee based classes on this topic)

Interview with Jill Lublin, author of “Networking Magic”

Book: Achieving Success Through Social Capital: Tapping Hidden Resources in Your Personal and Business Networks

C. IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE…. Check this link out for a chuckle – and it’s a great one to have on hand if you make any sort of sales calls… as a “pick me up” -  the "I Like You" guy......

Summary: have fun and get better connected!

D. For more resources and ideas, go to my website

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