Simplify, Simplify, Simplify Your Prospecting Process!

The focus today is on helping create an environment that will pull you forward toward your revenue goals. I have talked a lot about environment in the past, because it is truly one of the BEST ways to help support yourself. The old way was to beat yourself up about something that you were not great at. Now there is a whole technology behind determining your strengths and identifying ways you can create a multi-faceted environment (physical, mental, nature, relationships, etc,) that best suports you.

When it comes to simplifying, let's think about creating new business. Does the idea itself make you cringe, or do you immediately come up with reasons why you cannot focus on activities that will lead to new revenues? Figure out what those reasons are, and what the tolerations are that you are putting up with. Tolerations are like a wall between your success and what is holding you back. Think of two tolerations that you can remove TODAY which help pave the way to a better comfort level in promoting what you sell.

If it is a lack of confidence, or fear of ridicule, or lack of product knowledge, plan to tackle these head on. It is these fears beneath our exterior that help keep us from our goals.

On the other hand, if you have a physical environmental issue - for example you are disorganized with who to contact - then how can you clean that up today?

It is amazing how removing one or two of these issues can clear the way to profits. Think simplify, and what comes up on your list?