Sales Metrics for Service Providers

This post is about and for services providers, although it could be adapted by others.

Multiple Streams of Income guru Andrea Lee out a great, downloadable spreadsheet and the metrics "compiled" from real spreadsheets used to create multi-million dollar businesses.

Although Andrea's market began with coaches, it is not coach-focused anymore, because these are universal lessons for all of us who make a living through services and products.

It's a good example of the biggest thing I learned from all those Tony Robbins conferences (other than red-hot coals ARE hot!) - that "success leaves clues" - learn from others' lessons and take a look at Andrea's site to see how you can morph it for your own biz.

If you can ramp up ten times quicker through outside, expert advice, why not? It leaves you to focus on the core of your business, and in focusing on your customers.

So, got metrics? Don't just track revenues and sales, track activity, because that can be measured, tweaked, refined and improved as well.