Proud Mom

Leonbruins I saw this photo on the Providence Bruins website - my son plays pro hockey for the Bruins and they had a night where the players worked as waiters at a nearby restuarant and raised money for a local childrens charity. Not only have I not seen Leon in a photo in his B's jersey but was also happy that he is spending some off time helping the community. Community involvement is usually always present with hockey players - whether youth or college or pro - it is just the way it seems to be. I like that.

There are a lot of analogies to draw between sports and selling so by me being peripherally a part of this sports world is helpful for selling success. Plus, I get to brag about my kid every once in a while. He's a hard working guy who wears his goals and aspirations on his sleeve for all to see. I'm a proud mom, because he is a good and decent human being.