New Sales Leader's Book - Recommended

I just finished reading Jeff Lehman's new book called, The Sales Manager's Mentor - available through Mentor Press or on Amazon. It has over 300 practical tips on sales leadership. This book is appropriate for a small company building up a sales team (who typically have a selling CEO and many questions about how to do things sales-related) or for a sales manager who wants to be more of a leader. I would think that sales professionals will also read it to better understand what a sales manager goes through and what their challenges are. So whether you lead a company, lead the sales team, or are part of the sales team - you'd benefit from this book.

The tips are organized and grouped so it serves as a good reference to have on the shelf.

I would like to see more focus on process, as I think it is the backbone of everything within the sales team - but great job to Jeff for putting this manual together. Jeff is a local guy with a strong background in leading sales teams in the publishing industry and with multiple web-based organizations.

Can't wait for Jeff's presentation this week at the Northwest Entrepreneur's Network breakfast. It's great to see a new, refreshing book like this - don't know of any other out there, yet there are zillions of books on selling.