Networking - the Basics

Jeffrey Mayer has a great weekly email for sales professionals and website - Succeeding in Business
This week, he writes the following about networking:

Capture Opportunities
As you go through life you must recognize and capture the
opportunities that come your way.

In business, it's called networking. How does networking
work? You meet someone and exchange business cards.

That's not too complicated, is it?

Here are three networking rules:

1. Always carry your business cards.
2. Pass them out to everybody you meet.
3. Always get the other person's business card.

If you're not actively promoting yourself and your business,
and looking for new prospects, who will?

Jeff goes on to mention other tools, like a compelling elevator speech - to help you tell others what it is that you do and most importantly, who your ideal customer or client is. Seems simple - but so few professionals do this.

We’ve got even more coming

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