More on Getting and Keeping Focus

Several ideas came up during the last A.C.T.I.O.N. Day on ways participants keep focus to get selling activity done.

You know selling activity - the "less glamourous" part of the sales gig - picking up the phone, sending e-mails, mailing notes or letters - to forward the potential opportunity with more "probable" buyers.

Anne offered that she jots down what she is doing in fifteen minute increments which shows her generally what she's spending time on. This is a great way to overview where your valuable minutes and hours are going during the sales day. It's OK to support existing customers - and necessary - just don't kid yourself when you think that you did focus on "net-new" business opportunities when always in customer support mode.

Pam felt that focusing on the bigger picture - her vision - keeps her focus on the details and on the activities needed to get done. By thinking of what she is creating - whether for the professional reasons or the personal ones - it allows her to better enjoy the mundane.

I suggest making it fun - working with  a group of others - challenging yourself or other people - throwing $5 in a bucket each and whoever books the most appointments with high level decision makers OR whoever gets through to the most people - or however you craft it - wins the money. The idea of making it fun and rewarding yourself is compelling and makes things easier and more interesting.

What are your thoughts?