More Ideas on Business Blogging

Since I first learned about the values of business blogging from Microsoft's own John Porcaro, I've seen dozens and dozens of blogs aimed at increasing awareness of a product, a service, a person, or a movement.

Today I found a great article on the "10 Rules For Corporate Blogs and Wikis" - and I have to admit, I don't really know what a Wiki is yet.... but the article is great. The key take-away for me has to be point #3, as Nick Wreden writes:

3. Once you start, don’t stop

Blogs are like marriage. Once you start one, you are committed. Otherwise, you risk the wrath of those who link to your blogs or tune in regularly. Dr Pepper/Seven Up pulled the plug on its blog after four months.

OK, Nick - point taken!! My blogging coach, Curt Rosengren (check out his awesome blog....) will be glad to know I read this!!

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