Maturity in Selling

I am a fan of the "Guerrilla" business books - recently checked out Bill Gallagher's Guerrilla Business and found a handy list of The Ten Biggest Goofs Salespeople Make, including:

8. Salespeople don't understand or properly relate to the Client's Unique Personality.

Commentary and Guerrilla Solution: Each one of us is unique and special. We all want to think that we got a bargain, that we got special treatment. We all operate from different levels of im-maturity, yes, immaturity all day long. Knowing this is an advantage to you, an edge.

Many of us, not all, just about 30 to 40 percent of us, are overgrown two-year-olds! We're all mostly acting like selfish egomaniacs, complaining that the world won't devote itself to making us happy. We're looking out for Number One.
Our best advice about this to you, as a sales doctor:

1. Make us, your customers, as happy and comfortable as you possibly can;
2. Ask Questions and listen more attentively;
3. Say "That's interesting," "Tell me more," "How did that feel?" and "You're right" a lot;
4. When we ask about you, let us know that you and your firm are absolutely "number one;" and,
5. Be prepared. Make each sale unique, give each person something special a unique discount or add-on.
Guerrilla Tip: Everyone's a "Number One." Let us know, that you understand that we are.