Hey Marketers, Are You Listening?

Interesting as I checked in on John Porcaro's blog and read him raving about Tom Peters new book which I had just flipped through at a bookstore. There was a link to a live telecall with Tom and in it's hypey way, caught my eye with the phrase, "fire all male salespeople." Wow. Tom goes on:

"That women are grossly underserved in the marketplace might make sense ... if it made sense. But it doesn’t. It’s absolutely insane. Because women are the sole or primary decision makers for just about every kind of purchase. commercial stuff as well as consumer stuff. Research that I have come across over the years yields the following numbers: In category after category, women are instigators-in-chief of most consumer
purchases. To wit:

• All consumer purchases: 83 percent.
• Home furnishings: 94 percent.
• Vacations: 92 percent.
• New homes: 91 percent.
• DIY (“home projects”): 80 percent.
• Consumer electronics: 51 percent.
• Cars: 60 percent.

"And on it goes. Two-thirds of working women in the United States and more than 50 percent of working wives earn more than half of their family’s income. American women write 80 percent of all checks, pay 61 percent of all bills, and own 53 percent of all stock."

Nothing new here - just interesting to see the statistics. I've always known who influences most of the decisions in most of the households... W-O-M-E-N....

We’ve got even more coming

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