Getting and Keeping Focus for Sales Activity

How do you get and keep focus when it comes to making regular sales activity? That is the question posed to the A.C.T.I.O.N. Day callers tomorrow, and I will post their answers next time.

Most people agree that regular follow up activity to "more probable" prospects leads to increased revenues when a process and plan is followed. If you don't believe it, just try it for 30 days.

For me, I work to make it fun and enjoyable. It is a part of selling that needs to be done. It can't be pushed aside, especially for an entrepreneur or small business owner. Unfortunately, many people procrastinate with things they find unpleasant or unrewarding. Any successful, high powered sales professional will tell you that calling, emailing, e-blasting, mail campaigns and other activities are a necessary and rewarding part of the sales cycle. Just remember, if more people knew about your great offers - you'd have more potential clients. This is not rocket science!  Try boosting your activity in some manner - for 30 days.