Get a Jump on What the Customer Wants

That's the subtitle of Robyn Waters new book called, The Trendmaster's Guide. I've enjoyed reading it since she is going to be in town next week and in my mind, Robyn is still a secret within the larger business world.

Robyn was VP of Trend, Design, and Product Development at Target. Remember when Target was not cool, and then became cool with their neat private labeled products? From Target to Tarzhay?  That was led by Robyn. She now consults all over the world. I understand she is speaking at this year's CEO Summit - Bill Gates annual get-together with his top worldwide CEO friends. So to have her at a wine and cheese tasting session to talk about her book - it's most exciting.

The book is easy to read - "A is for Antennae" format. While I originally thought this would be just about design and retail trends, I'm pleased that it really offers insight into creating what customers are asking for - whether you provide a service or a product to the world. Everyone in business should read this book for some refreshing ideas.

For example: in "E For Edit" Robyn says:

Here's a lesson I've learned over the years: too much information without editing is toxic. It's necessary to identify and focus on what's really important and edit out any distractions. Too many options or choices can be confusing, which can turn your customers away.

In selling, this is so true. I like to offer people three choices, since two is not enough, and four or more is overwhelming. People like to decide on their own, but too many choices can ultimately cause them to not decide, or at least delay until they can get a better grasp on their alternatives.

Robyn suggests focusing on what is really important - using a Top Ten list or more specifically, the three <strong>BIG</strong> ideas that will really make a difference to your customer.