Day 9 of Ten Days To Your Best Q4

somehow day 9 was not posted - here it is...

Day 9 – Putting It All Together

Time for a review.

For the last eight days we’ve talked about a number of areas where we can hone in and make tweaks and improvements:

Managing that valuable asset you have called TIME

Playing BIGGER – and setting bigger goals for yourself


Doing Your Research

Professional Development / Investing in yourself

Power Words – in writing and speaking

Being Creative


Today we’ll talk about the final piece – creating an environment that pulls you forward toward success – and tomorrow we’ll have tips and resources for you to use to learn more.

When you think of environment – what do you think of?

Success becomes sustainable when there is an environment that is supportive, and fail-safe structures in place that support it. You can become a “master architect” to craft your selling environment – which is an environment that champions you, encourages you, teaches you, and pulls you toward success.

It’s not just a physical environment – although what is physically around you can say much about you. What does your desk, and your prospect information say about you? Look around – is it supportive toward you earning new clients today? Or does it stress you out?

Creating improved environments is not a temporary idea – it is an ongoing process. Coaching Guru Thomas Leonard wrote about eight environments of you – how many are you aware of?

Physical – what you see around you at home and work

Relationships – who you choose to associate with (yes, it IS a choice, so put yourself around those who support you)

Intangibles – energy, inspiration, values, needs

Nature – the outdoors (ever take a break and go for a walk or bike ride? If so, how does that impact you?)

Memetic – your thoughts and ideas. Memes are traveling around the world at record speed. What ideas are you working on?

Network – how do you connect with others in business? What groups are you involved with – do you have a peer group to share ideas?

Spiritual – inner work

Self – your physical self, your knowledge, your quirks, and your gifts – what do you bring to the table?

Your Challenge

Spend fifteen minutes thinking about how the prior lessons lead you to ideas that you can implement to alter and enhance your environment.

What three ideas can you put in place TODAY that will support your best efforts?

Crafting your environment deserves some planning time and thought. Make another 30 minutes later – over the weekend, or early next week – to further craft your world. It is YOU, not others, who can make the biggest impact on this. Do you get that?