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I return back to civilization after spending a week at cold and snowy Big White - ski resort in Eastern British Columbia - wow, what a beautiful place!

As mentioned before, I was recognized for my astute networking skill - something that I agree comes easily to me, primarily because I enjoy asking very curious questions of others and it just causes an environment of sharing usually.

One of my associates in Ontario, Canada sends an email with a link to a now "infamous" short video on the value of time, created by a coaching associate I know through the CoachVille virtual worldwide network. His name is Scott Stratten, and the video is called, "Time"

Apparently, since my Power Marketing associate is in Ontario and I'm in Seattle, he was a bit surprised to know that I knew of Scott (also in Ontario and far from me...) and of this now popular video. (side note: Scott says that he's had over half a million hits to his website because of viral marketing of the link) Scott is a very generous person to know; he shares his knowledge and his time with others - a very attractive quality for sure.

Check out the "Time" video if you have, well, the time.

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