A Great Read on Business Success

It is always nice when a local company does unbelievably well, and when you can recommend one of their employees as a new business author.

Marketing guru Alexi Venerri of Who's Calling has a new book out called, Balls! Six Rules for Winning Today's Business Game. You can even download Chapter 1 there. While I haven't read the whole book yet, I was thrilled with the first chapter, especially since she discusses bravery as one of the keys to success in business.

Besides bravery, her other rules focus around Authentic, Loud, Loving, Spunky and Inspired. Love cat author Tim Sanders wrote the forward, and recommends the book as well.

In the first chapter, Venerri writes:

When you start hitting home runs, everyone forgets about the times that you struck out. They talk about your .350 batting average, not your 650 strikeouts. Look at each strikeout or faliure as briging you one step closer to a home run.

What other books are you reading that inspire or help you sell?