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train score more salesNearly every SaaS company invests in inside sales once they find product-market fit, but each company manages sales differently. That disparity in sales leadership can be the reason one company fails and another succeeds.

Unfortunately, companies almost universally underestimate the need for repeatable, in-depth sales training and coaching. New reps, no matter their background, need support to ramp up. It does not matter if the rep was successful in the past – markets are different, products are different, prospects vary, and sales cycles can too. Reps need structure, direction, guidance, and championing to succeed in their role.

In the latest episode of Ramp, the InsightSquared podcast, I discuss how to create a sales training and onboarding process that will kickstart growth.

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In this 18 minute episode, you’ll learn a little more about me, and also:

The sales performance metrics that matter

The best tools for SaaS sales managers

How to incorporate content into the sales process.

Find out why metrics driven sales training and onboarding makes such a difference for your new reps.

If you want to talk directly to me about assessing the health of your sales team, go here.

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Sales is a journey – I say if you focus on 1% improvement every day, you’ll see compounded results.

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