Top Tips and Resources for Remote Sales Team Management

You suddenly have an all-remote, WFH sales team(s). Now what?

Learn from others who have been selling remotely already. Success leaves clues, remember?

Learn From Others

We have been collecting links and references to some of our favorite points, ideas, tactics and strategies for WFH sales and WFH selling – here are some of our favorites, and why they are, so that you can go to what is the biggest help for you depending on your situation.

General WFH Tips

20 Expert WFH Tips for Marketers & Sellers in the Covid-19 Outbreak (Martech Advisor)

I love the idea of gift cards from UberEats for team lunches, virtual talent shows, fresh air, and structure in your day – and many other great suggestions.

Working from Home 101 Infographic (Chase Partners)

Easy graphic to overview with some good basics.
WFH Mindset

7 Best Practices for WFH Mindset (from Darren A. Smith)

Darren has a fun, short slide deck of drawings using MINDSET as an acronym.
WFH Leadership

Managing SDRs (Sales Development Reps) Remotely (Outreach / Gitlab)

This is a LinkedIn post from Sam Nelson who interviewed Hannah Schuler from Gitlab where they discuss many good practices and strategies for remote SDR teams.

Healthy Happy and Productive Ideas from Ogilvy

A very colorful set of tips that we found inspiring. David Ogilvy was known to say, “I never wrote anything in the office – too many distractions”

Advice from 10 Years of Leading Remote Teams (Openview)

Great fundamentals around Slack, working agreements, and calling out “the elephant in the room” and more

Does Work from Home = Selling from Home (Salesforce and Tiffani Bova)

Great tips in the comments from a number of folks.

After working from a home office for
the past 18 years
My Top Tips are as follows:

  1. Have a routine but mix it up a bit.
  2. Take regular breaks where you get out for some fresh air.
  3. Like at the office, set 3 big goals to accomplish – start with those.
  4. Don’t eat at your desk.
  5. Keep a “parking lot” of questions for your manager or for someone on your team – rather than dropping everything and asking – in Slack or via text. Ask two or three things at one time, freeing people from constant interruptions.

What suggestions do you have?
If you are new to WFH and you are in a sales role, how are you doing?

Post your suggestions and comments in the comments on LinkedIn.

If you are in leadership

How Does Your Sales Team Compare?

Post your suggestions and comments in the comments on LinkedIn.

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