Summer Sales Challenge Grow Revenues

Grow Revenues Summer Sales Challenge

Depending on when you are reading this, the Score More Sales Summer Sales Challenge is about to begin or it has begun already. No matter, you can get in on it at any point, although the sooner the better.

For some people the Summer months are for planning long weekends, outdoor barbeques, and trips to visit family and friends – or just to get away on vacation. Sales can dwindle over this time – but they don’t have to.

This is a leadership issue. It’s not your reps’ faults that they feel distracted during this time. I live in New England and Summer is big here – probably because the winters are so, well, wintery. This is our time to enjoy!

“The abilities of salespeople with goals is 32% greater than the abilities of salespeople without goals” – OMG research.

I propose that you can do both – have fun AND build sales. You need to mix it up and shake up the status quo a bit.

Have Fun AND Build Sales

I’ve always been motivated during June, July, and August because of many childhood Summers spent with Summer reading programs at our local library. It was always exciting to sign up early and learn what the prizes would be (I love to win!) and what the format of the program was so that I could strategize and be successful. I would always have a fun break from school but also read a lot due to the program that kept me tracking my progress and accomplishing results.

Leaders – it’s on YOU to keep your team inspired over the Summer months.

If you have a Sales Engagement platform or gamification tool or other way to track sales activity – determine a 3 month program now. What would be an amazing reward?

Remember you have sellers who are extrinsically motivated that like dollar awards and actual prizes but you also have sellers who are intrinsically motivated and prefer time off to help a non-profit or who would prefer lunch with the CEO for example. Make sure your prizes get the attention of everyone on the team regardless of how they are motivated.

Let’s get started – share your program on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #SummerSalesInspiration and reach out if I can be of support!

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