Introducing a Smart New Sales Site Called SalesProCentral

salesprocentral.comWe like things in selling that are smarter than us. The new portal / sales blog aggregator called SalesProCentral is intriguing and interesting. [disclosure: Score More Sales blog is one of a bunch of sales blogs you can find here, and that's our only connection to the site]

What you will find there is the ability to customize your view and the topics you are most interested in.  I asked Tony Karrer, PhD, and Founder of Aggregage - the  technology that makes all the magic happen here, to explain a bit more about what this new way of getting knowledge is all about.

LR: On the site it mentions that by using the Aggregage technology, SalesProCentral collects and organizes that content into topics and finds the best posts and articles using social signals  - What are social signals?

TK: Social Signals use activity of the audience as they click, view, tweet, save on delicious, like on Facebook, share on LinkedIn, etc.  We pay attention to what is normal levels of activity and when something spikes, we know that's interesting to readers.  We've done a lot to prevent spamming kinds of behavior and definitely pay attention to who shares great content.

LR: You can opt in to a "personalization engine" - does that mean that no two people will see the same thing, and is that a good thing?

TK: People generally see the same things, but often in different order.  If we see that a user tweets a lot about insurance sales, we keep track of that "interest." When article comes into our system that's doing well based on social signals and is about insurance sales, then we want to make sure that user sees it at or near the top.  Likely the next articles down are the same as what other users are seeing. 

LR: This is not just another aggregation of blogs - it is different. Why get involved in another site for sales professionals?

TK: This all started because we see the amazing content getting created by thought leaders like yourself, Lori.  The problem professionals face is that they need to stay informed, but they also lack the time to go through all that content.  The purpose of this site is to take all this great content, figure out what's the best, and sort it based on the specific interests of the professional.  Other sites are not as comprehensive nor are they personalized.

Take a look for yourself - and notice at the very top how you can change your edition to be last week's, this week's, today's, or a specific date in the past. This gives the reader some interesting options and I think it will help sales bloggers get more views of some of their stories - easier than through Google Search.

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