New Book for Sales Leaders – And Special Offers.. Time Sensitive

My sales effectiveness colleague, and AllBusiness blogging colleague, Keith Rosen, has a great new book out today with a special promotion going on through 4/17. I heard about the book at the end of last year, and have been awaiting its arrival - now it is here.......Get Keith's book 37% off and additional valuable materials here .

  • How do I build a world class team?
  • How do I transition from manager to coach?
  • How can I successfully integrate sales coaching into my practice?
  • How do I turn around an underperformer or determine when it's time to let someone go?
  • How do I create buy-in and keep people motivated without using consequences or threats?
  • How can I get people to solve their own problems rather than always relying on me?
  • How do I free up more of my time?

If you're responsible for coaching or managing anyone, especially salespeople, this remarkable new book from my
friend and colleague, Keith Rosen will help you make the transition from manager to coach by developing the missing
discipline of leadership - executive sales coaching. Most managers have never been trained to manage, let alone coach effectively. Keith delivers a tactical coaching system for managers, business owners, coaches and
executives -
anyone who wants a proven and powerful method to coach and develop true champions.

Endorsed by thought leaders such as Dr. Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Anthony
Parinello and more,
Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions is the highly acclaimed playbook that fills the void
between what great managers need to know and do as a great coach in order to:

· Turn under-performers into super-achievers, fast. (Under 30 days.)

· Attract and retain top talent.

· Motivate their team through the Art of Enrollment™, the new language of leadership.

· Empower their people to solve their own problems and become fully accountable using the L.E.A.D.S. Coaching System™ - rather than being dependent on you.

· Handle difficult people without conflict and determine when to let them go without collateral damage.

Brian Tracy said, “There is no other single activity to boost sales that works better than sales coaching and Keith's book, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, is the best ever written on how to do it


Since the success or failure of any organization leads back to the actions and behavior of one
person; the leader, it's critical for every manger to upgrade their leadership style and approach.
You'll discover how to facilitate a coaching conversation that fits your management style, as well as the strategies of the world's greatest coaches through dozens of case studies spanning over 15 different industries and professions, a 30-Day Turnaround Strategy, coaching and communication templates, a library of masterful coaching questions and an easy-to-follow coaching process to leverage each person's fullest potential and develop a team of winners.

Purchase Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions by April 17 and enjoy access to hundreds of dollars worth of additional materials from Dr. Tony Alessandra, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Jim Cathcart, Jill Konrath, myself (Lori Richardson), Dave Lakhani, Bob Kantin, Dr. Rick Kirschner,,,
and more. You can spend hundreds of dollars separately or you can invest about $20.00, order one copy of Keith's book today and spend not one penny more. Look at the resources you get

Plenty of books espouse new management and leadership theories for managers, but few show you how to actually coach your people on a daily basis in a way that creates measurable change. Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions provides a proven methodology and tactical strategy for coaching that bridges the gap between theory and execution so that you can achieve unprecedented results -today.

Remember, this time sensitive event ends April 17 at midnight. I encourage you to get Coaching
Salespeople into Sales Champions
and the additional materials from an impressive group of people who are supporting this book. You'll be glad you did. Click
here to learn more.

Get Keith's book 37% off and hundreds of dollars worth of additional materials here.

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