Content Is King… To Grow Revenues

"Make every online interaction count," says marketing expert Ardath Albee - author of the new E-Marketing Strategies for the Complex Sale.

So how many of us are doing that, I ask, (with nervous laughter) - I certainly know I've left money on the table from poorly articulated concepts on my websites - lack of next steps, and general confusion over the years.

Albee's book shows you how to:

  • Build a foundation for eMarketing strategies based on buyer perspectives.

  • Use a buyer synopsis to develop personalized content.

  • Transform prospect engagement with natural nurturing.

  • Create a contagious content structure for competitive differentiation.

  • Generate increased pipeline with attraction marketing.

  • Facilitate faster prospect progression to sales readiness.

  • Perfect the transition of sales-ready leads to your sales force.

  • Measure the impact of eMarketing programs against business objectives

Check out her new book - after hearing her speak, I guarantee you will find something of value - if not many things to help re-define your message and grow revenues.

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