Build Sales with this Summer Reading List

For those business builders reading this post - you know who you are. You don't have time to read mindless fiction, lounging at the beach this year. (Full disclosure: I read very little fiction in general - there, I said it.)

Don't just learn by doing - READ what others before you have done, and know that success leaves clues. I love a good business building book - and have recommendations that will take you well through the Fall. My colleague, Nancy Bleeke created two lists for summer reading. Our 50 Days to Build Your Sales book is on there - just wanted to add that it is a super easy read - actually in very large type. It simply has 50 sales inspirations on the left hand sides of the pages, and 50 actual sales tips to grow business on the right hand side. Oh, and it makes a GREAT gift for those hard-to-buy-for entrepreneurs. Bonus points for you if you post YOUR favorite sales books - feel free to leave them as a comment.

Summer Reading List - Sales Reads

Summer Reading List / 2nd part / Sales Reads

Inc / 800CEORead List - Top Business Books 2011

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