Your S.U.I.T.E. Team Can Build Sales in Your Business

Team Can Build SalesHave you ever seen how a company you admire starts to get mentioned enough times that it seems like they are everywhere? What if that was your company? It can be, and you can grow your fan base simpler now than ever before.

There is a process where you can build a whole team of advocates and champions that will, among other things, recommend others to do business with you. You simply need to get special people who know what you do, and trust or admire what you do, to share that with others – and then do one more thing.

First envision what sort of goals you have. Foot traffic to your retail store like Apple? Customers to solve other customers’ issues like Microsoft mastered, and companies like and Hubspot are perfecting? Use the SUITE acronym to remember:

S – connect with SPECIAL people – those SUPER connector-types who have no trouble mingling with others and talking up the latest great thing

U – they UNDERSTAND what it is that you do in your business – clearly.

I – you’ve INVESTED in them already, adding value or giving of your time

T – they TRUST or admire how you service and support your customers

EENDORSE and ENCOURAGE them, and they will continue to do the same for you

When you find someone who really loves your products and services – they can become a champion to tell others like themselves about you and your business. Notice I didn’t say that they should be friends and should like you. Our focus for the SUITE spot is someone who champions you out in the world and they, unlike others, understand what you offer and how you offer it. They know customers who have benefitted because of the endorsements others have made. Happily, they will shout great things about you and your business from the rooftops.

It’s not about getting out there and being liked. Being liked is fine – as long as you ALSO clearly convey the value of your products and services. Somehow you have explained how people work with you and who your best clients are.

When you think you are all done, because one of these fabulous SUITE folks referred someone your way, and they start working with you, think again. The last step is for you to re-champion them. Through social media or your email newsletter, e-zine, or in front of a room full of folks, you let others know how great THEY are, and specifically share about them. Either relate it to your most recent interaction, or just general characteristics they have which should cause others to know and work with them, too.

It makes for a victorious cycle – others support your company, you support their business or cause, and on and on. No tricks, no promises - just positive, forward-moving action.

That is why we say that business building is science to a large part – the systems you have in place and the processes you go through to keep building a sustainable business. Without the art part, though – knowing who to work with, how to endorse someone and when to do it, and then how to receive potential new customers – you’d have little or no business.

Next time your sales revenue forecast is short, just think SUITE – suite as in a comfy, high-end room full of admirers of your business and think, “SWEET!” You have never had more feet on the street sending qualified potential customers your way. You also have never felt better about the integrity you are using to help others grow their businesses as well.

We’ve got even more coming

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