Why You Didn’t Sell Anything This Week

It may seem harsh, but here is the list of what people who did not sell much (or anything) this week were saying to themselves, their co-workers, and possibly their bosses to justify lack of revenues. If you work in complex selling environments where it may take months to bring business to closure, this still applies to you - only substitute "week" for "month" or "quarter". Anything ring true? Post your comments - it can help other sellers.

You didn't sell anything this week (month, quarter) because:

You were too busy to make proactive sales calls

You were putting out fires

You were doing customer service all week

You were not productive

You were doing “research”

You were at networking events

You were working on marketing materials

You were getting your pitch down

You were practicing and perfecting

You were avoiding rejection

You couldn’t find the “right” times to call anyone

You were waiting for them to get back to YOU

You hoped for sales to happen

Some other reason? We'd love to hear it, and we'll add it to our big list of reasons.

Lori Richardson speaks, writes, and trains sellers and sales teams on tactical ideas to grow revenues. She uses an abundance and asset-based thinking way of growing business. Follow her on Twitter and be sure to sign up for our quick-read newsletter.

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