Valuing Your Off Selling Time

Quality of life is important as the holidays are upon us. Getting things done - and working smarter is a key to success - so that one can participate in fun, after hours events.

For me, shopping during the hectic holidays is not one of them.

Instead, we're going to visit wineries and vineyards in Eastern Washington after the Thanksgiving weekend. While they may be crowded, they won't be as crowded as the after-Thanksgiving frenzy that starts at many stores at 6AM. Oh, and it will be a lot more fun! I can stand in a line at 6AM to save a few dollars? Or, I can plan my shopping, buy over the Internet, and pick up a few items at my convenience when it is not busy? Tough choice.

Time is something we can't get back. Making every minute count is important - whether in improving your prospecting so you don't waste time with the wrong prospective customers, or whether it is in enjoying your off hours a little more, which flows into the enjoyment of your work - time is important.

What are you planning this month or next that will help your business next year? Your quality of life?

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