Sidetracked Due to Personal Issues?

Having gone through a planned wedding but unexpected death of a parent last week, I have been gifted (through the "trial by fire" method) in becoming much more enlightened on work/life issues.

I've been thinking about lots of things - family, friends, love, pulling together; and also of the processes you can put into place so that helps things move smoothly in your unexpected absence.

Since I talk a lot about process yet did not have this area covered in my own life, it is something I'm now incorporating into my work now and into the future. What I've learned in the last week:

1. When a crisis arises, keep integrity in mind, and just do the best you can until you can get more help to solve any open items/projects or expectations.

2. People are generally very understanding and helpful.

3. A simple process for what you would do when an emergency strikes is a smart thing to brainstorm on and document. Don't reinvent the wheel - talk to someone who has been there and learn from them.

4. Your business is very important; but not as important as family. No one looks back reviewing their life and wishes they spent more time at work.

5. Focus not on your date of birth, but that little dash that ultimately will seperate the two dates on your eventual epitaph. The dash signifies your life - what do you stand for, and are you demonstrating that in sales and in life?

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