Sales or Sails in Newport

Sitting near the beach in sunny Newport, RI, one avoids all thought of business (or one should, shouldn't they?) - but it makes me think of sales, as I'm looking at sails.

I'm thinking of how we're sold the dream of being a business owner, working our own schedule, and having time and money to pursue vacation spots like the one I'm in.

I don't know about you, but as a biz owner, money can be abundant but not always time - yes?

It causes one to think about outsourcing - finding ways to re-engineer business to offer more opportunities like this one - enjoying sun and beach - boats and mansions.

How can you re-engineer your environment to pull your forward in your business? For me it is about outsourcing lower-level, more menial tasks - creating an easy to update website (in progress), and in focusing on higher value tasks and focus on client projects.

Thoughts appreciated on this - as summer winds down here in North America - share how you have worked to streamline your business. We can compile a top ten list of the best ones.

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