Sales Leadership No Excuses Accept Responsibility and Be Accountable

o Excuses Accept Responsibility Be AccountableThere was a GREAT example for sellers yesterday in the news. Regardless of your political views, it related to Vice President Joe Biden and whether he would finally announce that he’s running for President.

Biden was quoted as saying: “Unfortunately, I believe we’re out of time – the time necessary for mounting a winning campaign for the nomination.”

What was he really saying?

“I don’t think I can win.”

Granted there is big money at stake in a Presidential race – as well as the thought of losing again.

Put this into a sales context, because that’s what we all do.

The leader who has issues with their accountability (or lack of) sets a tone where sellers also accept less responsibility.

You hear sellers with low accountability saying why they lost a deal:

“Our engineering team couldn’t respond quick enough.”

“Our price was too high.”

“We SHOULD have gotten the deal – I have no idea what happened.”

“They were just price shopping.”

Now a leader who sets a tone for accountability will have sellers who say these sorts of things when losing a deal:

“I didn’t ask the right questions – didn’t see that they had an incumbent vendor who would do whatever it takes to win.”

“I did not pay enough attention when it mattered so that I could add more value.”

“I spent too much time on a deal that was not well qualified for us in the first place.”

See the difference?

What do your sales reps (or your peers in sales) say? Are they accountable? Do they take responsibility?

What do your leaders say and do?

Do you see a correlation between what the leaders do and what the team atmosphere is like?

Even with an awful leader, you can be responsible and be accountable. Your reputation in the end, is all you really have.

Be good on your word – take action. Make it happen!

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