Your Sales Manager says... "Follow Up More!" - but do you?

Most sales professionals do not follow up enough. Period. Are you one of them?

Do you track your sales opportunities WELL, so that you know when you do need to follow up?

Do you feel harangued when your sales manager tells you that you need to follow up more, because you figure if your prospects are interested, they will call YOU back?

They won't. You need to stay in front of them.

Many salespeople ask me how much is too much follow-up. My answer is always the same. They need to be followed up on until they have heard your offer and know what it is that you are offering to add value to their life or to their work. If the timing is off (between the time they want to buy and the time you want to sell, as is often the case) then you need to regularly follow up to stay in their mind.

Facts remain though that most people buy after they are followed up with multiple times and most sales folks stop before that point.

So in this case, Woody Allen is right - "80 percent of success is in showing up" - or in our case, showing up to follow up.

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