What Are Your Three Big Rocks to Grow Your Business?

After being through probably hundreds of training, business development, and personal development programs in the past 30 years, certain ideas stand out that have helped not only me grow my own business, but have helped many, many others. One of those key ideas is that of the Big Rocks. Originally made famous by Stephen Covey, there are a number of videos out there that help describe what I am about to write - so check one of them out. I like the PremierCampus version - it is for students, but the same ideas for anyone. Another basic video explanation without words is this one. Think of the bucket symbolically representing your week - you can only put so much into it - so the idea is that if you focus on what is most important... well you see where I'm going with this, right?

[Tip: Use YouTube to search for video explanations on how to do just about anything - it's one of the fastest growing search engines ]

Stephen Covey's premise is this: Start the week (month, year, etc.) with a plan. This translates to: start your business with a plan - and start now even if you have a business already - I guarantee you'll find more time in the week if you work a plan. You jot down the most important goals for the week - these are you big rocks. You can divide them up by category so that you have a more balanced life - regardless you need to focus on getting these things done, and filling the rest of your time with the smaller rocks, stones, pebbles, and eventually sand.

If you are really stuck not getting the important things done each week - uh, like prospecting for new business, perhaps? then make a visual - through using MindMapping tools or an actual bucket on your desk. I like Mindmeister for Mind Mapping.

For a good chuckle (especially for writers and bloggers), see Ellen DeGeneres's take on procrastination and lack of focus - how true!

So what ARE your 3 big rocks through the end of this month - the end of the year - for next year - in terms of growing your business? More on this topic as the year winds down. There is much to talk about on this.

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