Welcome to Q2.... fresh start for sellers

Ahh... Q1 is over! That is great for some sellers, who had a fantastic, action-packed quarter. It's also great for those who didn't - who didn't make their numbers, or make their activity goals... or who had some sort of sales troubles for the first three months of the year.

Now you have a fresh, new quarter to show your stuff. Start from scratch.... like a blank canvas, and work smart to make things happen this quarter for mid-year results.

Plan to:

Spend time going over last quarter - be it good, bad, or ugly. What worked, and what didn't?

Resolve to TAKE ACTION this quarter - more of the RIGHT activity actions to move opportunities forward in your sales pipeline.

Get inspired through success stories, mentors, and find your passion for life and work. (it shows otherwise.... and lack of passion and confidence won't help you sell)

Find ways to better articulate what you do and how you add value.

Post your additional thoughts on how you're going to make this quarter "shine" - here.

Topics: Sales Ideas & Skills

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