Tom Peters on Selling - This is Great!

Tom Peters is an icon in business. At 63 he is regularly posting interesting points about customers, the customer experience, and business in general. I recommend reading as much as you can by him. But first, give yourself a great gift and download the recent Change This manifesto he contributed on selling called: 111 Ridiculoulsly Obvious Thoughts on Selling.
You might try what I do when offered such a wonderful download... e-mail it to your local Kinko's or try to push it through their digital printing system then pick up in person at your leisure. Have it bound... keep it on your desk and review every day (or every week) because this one is a keeper.

Tip for adding value: Make copies of it and give it to your clients, your alliance partners, or prospective clients who also sell - it is well done and certainly a great guide for anyone not sure what to do or say within the selling world. P.S. - we all sell.......

Topics: Sales Ideas & Skills

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