Today Is The Day - For Prizes and A Great Sales Book

After two years of work on this, my good friend Michael Port has TODAY released his book, Book Yourself Solid - based on the system he's worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and service professionals with for the last several years.

Michael, always the innovator, wanted to have a contest that would not be "hokey" or silly. Many people sell their book, and on the first day, offer all of these "special reports" and intellectual property that you will never use. Not Michael. A while back he came asking people for REAL prizes - things you would WANT - and he has set up his contest so that you don't have to buy the book to be entered - but buy it because it is an incredible read. I was blown away to see trips, valuable offers, books, and other giveaways. I have given two inspiration packages myself. You don't need to buy to register for this! Check it out.

For innovation's sake, if you are reading this today (Friday) - look at the offer he has, and what he is giving away in order to get your attention. How could this idea serve you in what you do?

If you are interested in getting more clients -- booking yourself solid - do buy the book. It has changed the lives of a few folks I know, and having read it from cover to cover - and sat in Michael's live sessions - it is fantastic content built on knowing yourself, knowing your market, being authentic, having a differentiator, and having passion for what you do.

We’ve got even more coming

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