This is the Magic Week to Get Ahead and Plan for Q4

While some companies are getting ready to focus on 2010, many sellers have not even put a plan in place for Q4. Now is the time - especially with a couple of weeks left of "summer". Before you know it, it will be Labor Day - everything will "start" back up (in terms of business focus and activity). Soon you'll be caught up in more to do's and less time to focus.

So plan now! Create a draft - bullet points - major goals and initiatives to tackle. Is there a way your year-end can lead you towards bigger, overarching goals for next year? If so, you could very smoothly build up to greater revenues, lower turnover, better partnerships, or whatever it is you desire for your business.

Start by setting time aside in your calendar weekly. Knowing that a lot of folks are taking some time off in the next couple of weeks, plan a full day or two to get away from the office and get this "Quadrant 2" planning time in. In Franklin-Covey lingo, Quadrant 2 is what is "important but not urgent" - so often it does not get addressed - because we are responding to urgent issues on a regular basis.

Your future business growth deserves specific time for planning and organization. Post your thoughts as comments or send to me through Score More Sales.

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