The Value of Score More Sales

Occasionally I post an "info-mercial" on what it is that we do at Score More Sales - to spark ideas and to keep focus.

What is interesting is that how a business can evolve. While just a little over a year ago the focus of the company was on bringing sales process, sales tools, and inspiration to companies wanting increased revenues, I've found that what we REALLY bring is help with sales execution. It's not that we DON'T do those things, but what we DO that really differentiates us is in the help to MAKE IT HAPPEN. I've realized over time that this is a big differentiator in the market because lots of industry counterparts focus more on the "telling" and not the help "doing". Our strength is in the making it happen part. This also ties into what is most gratifying - not in telling a client what to do to see increases in profits, decreases in turnover, and gains in marketshare -- but in seeing that it really did happen. To do this, we need to be a part of the solution - not just a traditional "consultant" role.

I continue to look for resources focused on sales execution - and less on "theory".

Topics: Sales Ideas & Skills

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