The Black Hole in Selling

Every sales team has a gap or two. Some entire sales departments are known as the "black hole" because there is no accurate forecasting, and sales reps are not accountable with specific plans of action and reportable sales activities each day. There is no predictable, consistant activity.

My golf coach told me the story about a famous pro golfer who used to bet quite a bit - very small bets. What he did was watch how his opponent was playing. If the opponent did not go through the exact same steps prior to swinging the club, then he knew the opponent would lose. It was simply a matter of following routine and process. When you change it up, you are likely to have problems.

How is selling a process to you? Do you practice your "swing" between games, or do you just show up for a competition with no prior practice? Many sales professionals fall into that category.

Help change the sales team into the "proactive" department.... the team that leads the company through example, leadership, and predictable process executed consistently.

Topics: Sales Ideas & Skills

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