The Benefits of Business Coaching

Harvard Business School has an online newsletter I enjoy scanning. An article that caught my attention yesterday was on the benefits of executive coaching. It relates to what I and others do in coaching sales leaders and president/CEOs. Author Paul Michelman writes an overview of some benefits of working with an outside coach - my main takeaway was this:

One of the big benefits of a coach is that they aren't tied to the organization, your friends, or anyone else," says Washington, D.C.-based executive coach Linda Finkle. "They are tied to you only, so they support what you want and where you want to go.

Even our families, who want the best for us, can't be unbiased or totally objective. What you do or do not do impacts them, whether it's positive or negative. A coach is not impacted by your decisions, your wins or losses, or anything else.

Whether you have a mentor who can offer candid, objective, helpful information or you hire someone in to do it, the dollar investment (or time investment) for solid business coaching can pay off many times over - and it can do more than that - you can work on finding your passion, begin getting things done, and reclaiming your life - the value of this is immeasurable.

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