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Here in the U.S. it is apparent that the Christmas holiday is a month away. Holiday music is filling malls and coffee houses - snow has begun in areas in the midwest and east; now is the time to state your goals boldly and join our challenge to increase your personal sales revenues and sales activities by year's end.

You can also state a sales project goal: in other words, is there a project you can focus on now in December that will bring you more revenues in 2006?

Simply post a comment at the end of one of the entries - and declare who you are and what your goal is. I have some great prizes - including Purple Cow books, Compendium products, and anything any of you want to donate to the cause - by donating a product or service, we'll further promote you - which is another selling opportunity. See how it works? Just make sure it is something most people would want or use. How about an iPod?

I'm working on three e-books and a book.
I also have also agreed to terms with new paying customers in the last week. My goal is five more in December.

I hit my sales revenue goal this year already - so have notched it up to exceed all expectations by year's end.

How about you? Often just stating publicly you goals helps you move forward, and that is what it is all about. Moving forward. Winning more than you lose. Crating forward momentum. Not being perfect, but making mistakes as you go. If you don't make mistakes, then you are probably in too much of a comfort zone.

Inspiration: I met a sports idol of mine on Saturday: Edgar Martinez - former Seattle Mariner baseball player and perhaps the greatest designated hitter in baseball. He played here in Seattle from '87 until he retired last year. Edgar was at a charity event I was working at - to raise money for homeless people and pets. He did not seem bothered to sign autograph after autograph and talk to anyone who happened to want to speak to him. He was a class act then, as a player; and he is still one.  I'll post a photo as soon as I get my hands on the camera. Inspiration needs to be continual - not just a one day thing. Find inspiration everyday - just like I found it on Saturday, along with some other great former Seattle athletes - I left inspired and it make me think about my own greatness in business and helping others - how about you?

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